The amazing interactive puzzle!
Four is a new abstract puzzle game that, like the classics of the genre, may melt your brain and can quickly lead you to hopeless addiction. ...a classical, timeless feeling.’s a beautiful piece of work: iconic and timeless.
In spite of its simple presentation and tame start, Four quickly prove to be very addictive if you have a taste for abstract brain teasers like Tetris.

How to play Four

Connect four different colors in row (sequence) to remove them. You can create multiple sequence of four colors with one new connection and get higher scores. Each circle may have up to 4 connections.

Game over

Your game is over when number of circles exceed the maximum, it is indicated as circles/maximum! on the top-left corner. Game over warning is viewed on the center.

To restart a game mode select it twice.

Special Colors

White (wildcard) can be used instead of any color.

Black (bomb) explodes all connected circles up to 3 circles away (4 including itself).

Jokers change color and appear in higher levels to spice up your game!

Play Modes

Colors (O): Remove colors indicated by progress bar to advance to the next level and clear the board.

Score (+): Achieve required score to advance to the next level, unlike Colors mode the board is not cleared with level-ups.

60s (timer): You have 60 seconds to increase your score as much as possible. For circles you remove you are awarded additional seconds to play.

Cross (X): Connect and remove all circles. If there are any circles remained you have lost the game and need to start over.