Ali Shakiba

Software engineer, interested in web and frontend. Some of my projects are listed below.

JavaScript rewrite of 20K lines of Box2D C++ physics engine for HTML5 game development.

JavaScript 2D library for cross-platform HTML5 game development. Used in multiple games with more than 200K downloads from mobile app markets.

Node.js module and command-line tool for exporting SVG files to PNG and JPEG.

DNA data format
Easy-to-read and write data format inspired by JSON, XML and Properties files and similar to YAML and Jade, with simpler and improved syntax for end-users.

JPA annotation for JDBI
JDBI extension to use JPA annotations for mapping/binding instead of JavaBeans conventions. Merged into JDBI3.

Online service and browser extensions to qwickly lookup a word in popular online dictionaries. Minimalist and timeless UI design, 2011.

Who mails who? (slides)
"A Focused Web Crawler for Discovering Social Network of Chain Emails from Mailing List Archives"
B.Sc. project, summer 2009.